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TN Kingston-Midland store-house SE corne

Stop 14 Home Decor Shop…

we're excited to finally open our doors to you!


Located at 171 Midland Avenue in Scarborough … “the blue farmhouse”,

circa 1903 (Southeast corner of Midland & Kingston Road)

It’s been a long and tedious restoration, but well worth it.  Just over a year ago our building was structurally unsound and  had been neglected for so many years it was just sad.


Many of you are well aware of this already though and we’re truly so grateful for all your lovely compliments (and patience) along the way …thanks!

We’re just delighted to have brought this beauty back … we all know it’s such an important part of our Scarborough history and we hope Albert Stinson (Scarborough Bluffs Refreshment Room, 1903) would be proud.

I’m forever grateful and proud of my husband Mark and sons Cian and Ryan, as well as Matt, Victor & Juan, who endured the absolute worst conditions for the first few months while stabilizing the building (that horrifying dark, wet and muddy basement).

There are so many of you (the rest of Mark’s amazing crew & all our sub-trades, Gary Crawford/City of Toronto & Heritage Toronto, to name a few) who have worked so hard for us and my/our gratitude is beyond words, you know that.

It really has taken a village to bring this heritage building back!

….as for our charming shop... it’s really an extension of our own home, filled with so many things I love that create that relaxed, cheerful & homey feeling we all yearn for.


We’re focusing primarily on smaller batch Canadian made decor items, rustic antique pieces, Canadian made (northern Ontario) furniture pieces, up cycled/found treasures, natural beauty products, pottery, ‘Dash & Albert’ rugs & accessories, 'farm to bed' quilts, art, pantry items and so much more.

Our hours are… Thursday & Friday 11-5, Saturday 10-5 & Sunday 11-3 … allowing time for all the other good things in life!

Opening day is Thursday September 17th at 11am*due to COVID, we’ll have a soft opening but hope to celebrate more with the community at a later date

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